About the PSO

Mission Statement:
Every parent or guardian of an Archway Cicero and Cicero Prep student is automatically a member of the Cicero Parent Service Organization (PSO).  Our mission is to create a culture of service, grounded in charity, to ensure a truly vibrant and welcoming community of families dedicated to providing the highest quality academic and social environment for our children.

This goal can only be accomplished with an active and generous parent body working together, each for the good of the other.  Therefore, the PSO will strive to provide volunteer opportunity for all, to facilitate communication at every level, plan and host grade level family appropriate social activities, and take a leadership role in raising the necessary funds that will benefit our students, families, faculty, and staff of Archway Cicero and Cicero Prep, for years to come.

The PSO is committed to making information regarding these activities and volunteer opportunities as accessible as possible throughout the use of email, PSO website, social media where appropriate, and regular monthly meetings during the academic year.

Social activities made available through the efforts of the PSO are organized not only to achieve our main goals, but as an opportunity to spur community and provide a healthy social outlet for students and families of Archway Cicero and Cicero Prep as well.  All social events are subject to the approval of the Headmaster and will follow the rules for the Code of Conduct as set forth in the Archway Cicero and Cicero Prep Family Handbooks.

All funds raised by the PSO shall be used within this school to provide or fill voids of environmental, social, academic or extra-curricular needs including, but not limited to, arts and athletic activities; and to support and encourage the staff and faculty at our school in thanksgiving for their service to our families.  In addition, the PSO will work cooperatively with the Archway Cicero and Cicero Prep Board to make the Community Investment and Tax Credit Drive a success.

Archway Cicero PSO Board Members & Contact Information

 President      Christy Harrison archwaypresident@ciceropso.org
 Vice President Kathy Ariaratnam‎ archwayvicepresident@ciceropso.org
 Web/Technology Wendi Nations communications@ciceropso.org
 Treasurer/Secretary Angela Stacy treasurer@ciceropso.org
 Volunteer Coordinator/Comm   Relations Dyan Carbone 
 Lunch Program Julie Caldwell lunchcoordinator@ciceropso.org
  Donna Church lunchlead@ciceropso.org
 Homeroom Parent Rachelle Tomey homeroomlead@ciceropso.org
 Passive Fundraising Heidi Bleimeyer passivefundraising@ciceropso.org

Cicero Prep PSO Board Members & Contact Information
 President Jennifer Pophal  preppresident@ciceropso.org
 Vice President  Kim Skemp  prepvp@ciceropso.org
 Treasurer Jeanette Ramos  treasurer@ciceropso.org
 Technology Lead Amanda Kae  prep_technology@ciceropso.org
 Prep Lunch Lead  Terri Udelman  preplunchlead@ciceropso.org
 Newsletter Editor Connie Malkin  newsletter@ciceropso.org
 Passive Fundraising Lead  passivefundraising@ciceropso.org
 6th Grade Homeroom Committee

 7th Grade Homeroom Committee   7th_grade_hrc@ciceropso.org
 8th Grade Homeroom Committee   8th_grade_hrc@ciceropso.org
 9th Grade Homeroom Committee       9th_grade_hrc@ciceropso.org