Volunteer Opportunities

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        Sign Language Interpreter

        We are looking for a sign language interpreter who would be willing to volunteer their time at official Cicero events. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact our Prep PSO President at Preppresident@ciceropso.org.

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      A Volunteer Club just for our Cicero Dads!  Interested Dads will work together to develop and grow the Cicero community; perhaps organize a Cicero day at Spring Training, at the golf course, etc…  We also need our Dads to assist with campus activities.  This club is for Dad's to really make their own!

      For more information or to join the Dads’ Club please contact Phil Ramos at dadsclub@ciceropso.org.


      Fifth Grade Matriculation Committee

      Parent of a Fourth Grader? Members of this committee would include fourth grade parents only so the fifth grade parents can enjoy the ceremonies!  Please contact archwaypresident@ciceropso.org.


      Lunch Volunteer

      Cicero Hot Lunch program is run entirely by volunteer parents.  This program is also a consistent and large fundraiser for the PSO. Please visit our Student Lunch Program page to find out more!

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      Passive Fundraising

      Research and develop leads for all forms of passive fundraising including local and national opportunities for businesses to donate to Archway Cicero and Cicero Preparatory Academy. If you would like to be a part of this vital committee, please contact passivefundraising@ciceropso.org.

      Rebate Program
      Help the PSO earn money through participation in the rebate programs: Safeway, Fry’s, Bashas, Albertson’s, Amazon and box tops. For more information go to our Shopping Programs webpage!

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      Have a vision for our Yearbook? Work with the faculty advisor and students to help with the planning, organizing, photography, printing, and ad sales to reduce cost, as well as distribution of the books to families. If you’re interested in any capacity, please contact yearbook@ciceropso.org.

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