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Pictures for the Yearbook Needed

posted Oct 29, 2014, 6:13 PM by Archway Communications   [ updated Jul 31, 2016, 12:04 PM ]
Hi Parents,

The yearbook team is working really hard to have photographers at all of the events and team games that Cicero has to offer, however, there will be times when we just don’t have a photographer available. As a solution, we have set up an email account where the parents can send pictures of the students that will be considered for use in the yearbook. We realize many of the classes have set up Shutterfly (or similar) accounts that parents are currently using to uploading images. Since we are not a part of those accounts, please email those pictures you would like to see included in the yearbook to yearbookpics@ciceropso.org .

With that in mind, please use the following guidelines when emailing your images:
  • Please only send the top 3-4 images that you take each event 
  • It would be helpful if the images were a high resolution (2MB or higher) 
  • We would like there to be more than one child in the picture 
  • To help facilitate the process, if known, please add the name of the children or the classroom that they are in to the body of the email 
Again, all of the images will be reviewed but not all of them will be used.

This information will also be posted on the PSO website for future reference.

We appreciate your help in making this yearbook successful.


The Yearbook Committee